Monday, May 3, 2010

Frankenstein Hand

First of all I have to start with a warning for all of you who have a weak stomach because I am posting pictures of my stitches. Please do not look at the pictures if they are going to make you faint.
Now that you have been warned let me tell everyone that I experienced my first surgery ever on March 9th on my left wrist for carpal tunnel and my left thumb for a trigger thumb. I had to have the surgeries as soon as possible because after delivery I could not feel my fingers anymore due to extreme numbing. Without knowing what to expect and always being a strong girl I thought that in a few days I would be able to be back to my normal routine around the house. Little did I know that it would only happen after 10 days. So for more than a week I was not able to dress myself , comb my hair and the part that made me the most frustrated was not being able to hold my baby. I did have a lot of help from my husband who became my left hand. By that I mean he was the one who helped me get dressed, he combed my hair and even braided it for me. Also for a few nights he had to wake up every two hours to bring Michael to me to nurse him. I love Jeremy with all my heart and I am grateful to have him in my life everyday. I should also mention that we have amazing friends who brought us dinner for a whole week and came to check on me often. Well, my hand is doing better and the numbing is all gone. I do have to have surgery on my right hand also but I am going to wait until my parents are here this summer.
After the surgery March 2010
Now May 2010