Saturday, April 9, 2011

Valentine's day

Our Valentine's Day was filled with all things sweet and lovely!
Valentine's decor
Our sweet children/Iubirile noastre
Love and Kisses to all :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Prince Michael is 1 year old!

Our sweet baby turned one on the 6th of February. Why does time fly so fast?! Every time our children get a year older I feel the need to reminisce about the day they were born. I can close my eyes and vividly remember the first time I held Michael in the hospital. His smell, tiny feet, cute little nose, perfect mouth, etc... Oh, how I love this boy!!!I could eat him up!!!

I love the way he hugs me when I pick him up and how he gives me kisses when I don't expect them. There are so many things I love about our sweet angel but I am not the only one who can't get enough of Michael. The older children love him to pieces also and they can never stop kissing him to the point that he will struggle and scream just to get away from so many kisses. Even though he does not like to be kissed to death by Jasmine and Andrew he sure enjoys following them around and playing with them in the toy room. He copies their every move. I know he adores them just as much they adore him.

Michael loves to play with balls. It really doesn't matter what shape and size they are as long as he can kick them and throw them. You should see this boy kick a ball! Such a tiny frame having such strength and speed with the balls; very impressive. Who knows; maybe a soccer star in the making.

So, for his birthday I made him a soccer ball cake just for him and he loved it. He received several presents among them, there was a ball pit with 120 small plastic balls plus his own small soccer ball. After opening the soccer ball he did not want to open anything else because he was so preoccupied with kicking the ball.

Michael says words in both of our languages (English and Romanian). Here are a few of them: ball, mama, tata( father), daddy, dodo(grandpa), papa(food),tai tai (bye bye)plus lots of other words that are not in Romanian nor English. He loves to talk and uses his finger to point at things he wants.

His stats at his 1 year old well checkup were 21 pounds and 32 inches tall.

We love Michael with all our heart! He is our little ball of energy and we are so grateful Heavenly Father send him to us.