Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween 2012

After asking my children what they would each like to be for Halloween, I realized that there was a theme that we could create with their costumes. Andrew wished to be a Knight. Jasmine said she would like to be a Masquerade Ball Princess and Michael a good Dragon. He really loves dragons and I predict that he will wish for a dragon birthday in February. So to be able to join their group Jeremy and I dressed up as a King and Queen. I made paper crowns and capes from old drapes and the look was complete. Easy and simple costumes with a price of under $20 for the entire family.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween decor

We have started to decorate a little more for Halloween this year. Almost everything is made by us from card stock paper, and other materials that we had around the house and in the yard (see the stick from the witch broom on the mantle). I am not sure why this year I am enjoing making everything at home and purchasing very little or nothing from the store. It could be the economy or the fact that I am more happy with things made by me and my kids. Either way I am very happy with the end result of our work.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pumpkin patch

Every year we celebrate fall with a trip to the pumpkin patch. The entire family was excited about the hayride, finding the right pumpkin and of course playtime afterwards in the maze and on the playground. These little things are what life is all about.




Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bunko party

For the past few years we have enjoyed going to the Bunko party (a dice game party) every October. This year we were asked to come in costume and that of course made me happy as I love to create something amazing on a very small budget. The total cost for the materials for our costumes was $13.99 including the wig.  Jeremy was a Pharaoh and I was Cleopatra. The party was such a blast and I really loved how our costumes turned out.What do you think?

Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm back

After several months without posting anything it's hard to know where to start. I've missed everyone in blogland and I have missed writing our adventures as this blog serves a special purpose of a family diary. My children love to look at old entries filled with pictures of them when they were little. I know it is important for me to keep a journal of some sort for our family where we can look back and remember these special times. Our children will not stay little for long and special moments get forgotten when you grow old. So, here's to a new start in blogging!