Monday, December 20, 2010

Grilling and baking

If you are a European and have tried bread in the states for the first time you probably know that it tastes sweet. Also the texture is very fluffy compared to the heavy bread we are used to in Romania. For two weeks I bought different types of bread for my parents to try in search of something similar to what they have at home. Nothing worked so my mom decided to bake her own bread without sugar in it. It turned out better than any bread I had here in the states. Yes, even better than Panera Bread! We all loved it and mom made two fresh loaves almost every day for all of us.

I also had to make my parents cook some mici which is a Romanian sausage that you grill outdoors and eat with fresh bread. Delish! To add to our feast Jeremy grilled ribs and lets say that it was a glorious carnivorous day.

Picking pears

What else did we do this summer? So much to write and so little time. One of the things that I want us to remember and have included in our family book is picking pears with bunicu si bunica.

I am grateful for the time my children got with their grandparents outdoors and indoors. We have all been richly blessed with love and learning from one another.

My mom has taught me how to can and pickle the Romanian way. I am excited for the goodies that I have stored in jars made by my mom.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


If you have noticed I am trying really hard to get caught up on my blog before we enter 2011. Some of these posts happened several months ago but I still need to document them for our family.

Grandpa and grandma bought this Spain world cup 2010 champion home soccer uniform
Fall soccer was even better than spring soccer! My kids were better at shooting the ball and scoring goals which made the game even more pleasant to watch. Even better my parents and sister were there with us to cheer them on. Jasmine and Andrew had fun playing soccer and I think until they are ready to try a different sport we will be playing more soccer.