Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Camping in Arkansas

For Labor day weekend we decided to go camping in Arkansas. We were there two years ago and we loved canoeing in Beaver Lake. We invited our good friends the Robinson's and Jeremy's brother David plus part of his family to join us. The children were really excited to camp and enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately for me I lost my voice Friday morning and throughout the whole trip I could barely talk. But that did not stop me from having a great time with my family. The views were amazing and the weather was just perfect during the day. A little cold during the night for my taste.

This amazing picture was taken by Jasmine my beautiful 9 years old daughter
On Saturday morning Jeremy, Jasmine and Andrew went fishing early in the morning while Michael and I slept in.
Later that same day Jeremy, David and the kids went tubing while Lisa( David's wife), Michael and I enjoyed the ride and views from the pontoon. Andrew and Jasmine loved it. They giggled the whole time and asked for more turns in the tube.
On Sunday we went swimming for most of the day and the kids did not want to return to the campsite for dinner. That's how much they loved playing in the water. I think the only thing that convinced them to come was that we had smores afterwards.

It was fun and I know we created some great memories as a family!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Straight from our garden

We have enjoyed quite a harvest from our garden this year despite the lack of knowledge of how to keep the bugs off our yummy veggies and fruits.
I think an organic garden is great but in Kansas I think some sort of pesticide is necessary if you want your garden to last the whole season. So, next year in order to not have to fight constantly with zucchini bugs, cucumbers bugs and who knows what other bugs that have enjoyed our garden as much as we have, I am going to try to spray it with something. I'm not sure what yet but by next year I will know.

We were able to eat 8 cantaloupes, 2 watermelons, lots of cucumbers, bell peppers, 6 zucchinis, enough tomatoes to make several batches of delicious home-made salsa, lots of jalapenos and fresh herbs.

We will continue to harvest more basil and rosemary plus several more melons if the bugs don't get to them before they are ripe. Overall gardening has been something that everyone in the family has enjoyed working on in anticipation of the wonderful results.

Here are some pictures of what we have picked from our garden.

6 month recap

Michael turned 7 months today and I just realized that I have not documented what he did while 6 months old. Well, I should start by letting everyone know that Michael started to crawl at six months. He is very mobile now and loves to get into everything. He has also learned how to blow bubbles and how to give kisses. They both are slobbery but we love every minute of it.
Michael loves his toys, loves to be read to, especially by Jasmine, loves the remote control, playing ball with big brother and of course he loves big people food.
I also noticed that lately he does not like strangers to hold him and he is quite attached to me. He wants mommy near most of the time. I am OK with this stage as all of my children seemed to go through it.
Michael says tata, tata ( daddy in romanian) and papa ( food in romanian). I am still waiting for mama, mama, mama and I think it will be come soon enough.

We all love playing with Michael and making him laugh. Andrew is the best at it. For some reason he manages to make Michael laugh quite easily. When I look at them I can see how much they love each other.
Michael continues to be a very happy baby and we are so grateful to have him in our family.

6 months stats: Weight -18lbs 3oz

Height -27 inches