Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Such a hard winter

I think this was the year when I wanted spring to come more than any other year. I usually enjoy winter but not when everyone is sick and your baby has to be in the hospital twice in one month. Poor baby Michael being the youngest he was affected the most. He got RSV right after Andrew's birthday at the beginning of February but after having some albuterol treatments at home with the nebulizer his breathing improved greatly. The follow up doctor visit confirmed that he was doing better and just when we were starting to get back into a sleeping routine he started to struggle breathing again at night. We took him to the ER where the doctor told us that he had pneumonia. It could have been due to the RSV. Not sure about that though. Sweet baby Michael was trooper and after two rounds of antibiotics he was his happy self again. They let us take him home after a day and we continued the antibiotic treatment for eight more days. Two weeks later I got very sick with body aches, chills, and fever. It was the worst I have ever felt with a cold. I said a cold because they tested me for the flu and it came back negative. Anyway my sweet Michael started being sick also and again he struggled breathing at night. Jeremy took him to the ER Saturday at 2am and they told us that he had bronchiolitis and he was going to be hospitalized. We only stayed one night there and because he improved and did great through the night we were home on Monday. Unfortunately for Jasmine and Andrew they got the same virus I had and went through some miserable days with chills and fever also.
We are all doing great now and for that I am extremely grateful because nothing is more important than being healthy. I think we all realize that when our loved ones are sick.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prince Andrew is 5 years old!

February is our birthday marathon month. We start with Andrew's birthday, then Michael's 5 days later and we close the month with Jeremy's birthday. My favorite boys get to celebrate all month long.
I surprised Andrew with an Angry Birds themed party. Angry Birds is a game that he loves to play on my phone. The goal of the game is to defeat evil green pigs(they stole the eggs of the birds) by using a slingshot and throwing birds at them. I made the angry birds cake the night before the party just so he could only see it the morning of his birthday. He loved it all as soon as he got to see it. The cake was fantastic and the decorations that Jasmine helped me out with were amazing. Several friends came and celebrated Andrew's birthday with pizza, games, balloons, cake and ice cream.
Andrew is a brilliant boy! He is so smart and well behaved that at times I forget that he is just 5 years old. We sure have been very blessed! This fall Andrew is going to start kindergarten and he is very excited. He knows how to write his first, middle, and last name. He can do addition up to ten and can count to 100 by ones and by tens. He has learned the days of the week, the seasons and most of the months in the year. We are working on the sounds of the letters so we can start reading this summer. Oh I don't want to forget that he is also getting the hang of the value of coins. I think he will do great in kindergarten. At his 5 year old well checkup Andrew weighed 50 pounds (93rd percentile) and was 45 inches tall (84th percentile).
We love Andrew with all our heart ! He always puts a smile on my face with his smarty pants comments. Happy birthday big boy!